21st Century Anesthesiology Care

Life comes with a host of challenges and problems. There is just no way of getting around this as life will surely deliver accidents and injuries on a regular basis. If the injuries or illness is severe, extreme medical treatments will be required for treatment and this is where anesthesia comes into the picture. Anesthesia makes the patient more relaxed and it eases the pain away. Without it, getting through medical procedures would surely be difficult, but there is one place that provides the best in anesthesiology services.

Capital Anesthesiology Association of Austin, Texas has been around since the early 70’s and it has grown into the powerhouse of today. This is one of the largest independent practices of doctors and nurses whom specialize in the field. The institution covers a broad area and supplies up to 20 medical facilities with the very best of care. Facilities such as Seton Hayes, Seton Medical Center, Inspire Medical Centre, Strictly Pediatric, CAREOS, Texas Surgical Center, Dell Children’s Medical Center, Brackenridge Hospital, and many more. Every doctor or nurse under this huge umbrella is either board certified or they’re in the process of being board certified.

Types of anesthesia serves? Capita Anesthesiology Association covers the full gambit with regional, general, cardiothoracic, obstetric, and pediatric anesthesiology. The institution takes pride in providing the best of services that gives the patient a more relaxing environment. Capital Anesthesiology Association is at the pinnacle of the industry and setting the tone of the future.


Fabletics is Evolving and Takes on the Amazon Giant

Fabletic’s takes Amazon by storm as the company has climbed the ranks in just 3 short years. Fabletic’s has grown into a $250 million business. The company is part of the new activewear trend that has hit the markets wide open. In order to purchase items from Fabletics, you must first subscribe to the company.

For decades, for an item to be deemed a high value, two factors determined that, quality and price. But now, everything has shifted into a new direction. Customer service and customer experience, popularity of the brand, and exclusives are more important and what determines what is high value and what is not.

Fabletics compares their company to companies like Warby Parker and Apple. The big secret is that they have redesigned the modern day consumers view of what is considered high value. The subscription service allows the company to become more personal with it’s consumer. This keeps them in competition with other brands by offering trendy activewear for half the cost.

Fabletics do physical stores differently than others. Their physical stores premise is reverse showrooming. In general, people browse offline at different items only to purchase them cheaper somewhere else. But Fabletics took advantage of what the norm is with consumers. They rely on events and activities to draw in the consumer and by the time someone walks into their stores, they are already a member.

Data taken from online can give valuable insight, but the success of the business isn’t based on data alone. Showcasing online and in store the right pieces of activewear is crucial. Physical stores stock their stores based off online data. That creates an ease of change as trends and fads change. This is combined with subscription service along with consumer needs and that keeps the business successful.

Fabletics faces issues like any other business. But as the business continues to grow, competition with other companies, educating the consumer, and the overall balance of the consumer lifestyle is pushing the company to new heights with success. Shawn Gold, who is the Corporate Marketing Officer for TechStyle states that the rate of growth for the brand is a continuing 35% each year.

In the e-commerce sector, Amazon is hard to compete with. But companies like Fabletics have figured out how to succeed in this world. Between having the all exclusive products, membership services, knowledge of demographics and the data that goes with it, they are a force to be reckoned as they continue to grow.

Fabletics is a company that gets personal with you. With its membership, it gets on the consumer’s level targeting what they are looking for. The products are affordable and stylish. The products can also be worn by the active individual or by an individual that just wants to lounge in something comfortable. The products are great in quality and the fabric easily moves when you find yourself in an intense workout.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Proves Hard Work and Dedication the Key to Successful Business

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, known to many as Duda Melzer, is the president and chairman and of the RBS Group since January 1, 2016. Eduardo is a Brazilian entrepreneur. Mr. Melzer is married with three beautiful children. Duda succeeded Nelson Sirotsky as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RBS Group. Duda is a jack of all trades. He is the founder of Digital e.Bricks and the partner to the e.Bricks Ventures which are investment companies in the digital sector that run business in both Brazil and America.

RBS is a leader in communication in Santa Catarina, and the Rio Grande do Sul. The company produces content and entertainment on radio, television, newspapers and digital platforms. Through Duda’s digital company, e.Bricks, he has advanced in the areas of digital media with innovative models and management of excellence. The RBS Group was recognized among the three media and internet companies in the country that generated the most value for their audiences in 2014.

In an article on economia, Eduardo has built a successful career since graduating, at the age of 26, with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from PUCRS (the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Su) in 1988. Today, at the age of forty-four he holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School, one of the graduate schools of Harvard University in the America. Duda started his career here in Brazil, by working with the financial and market franchise. His work in United States made him a senior analyst who worked at Delphi Corporation and gave him a chance to work as the Box Top Media CEO; a non-traditional media company based in New York, more info can be found on globo.com.

Melzer believes that family-run businesses can only succeed through professional management because it is the people who turn dreams into reality.

Read more: http://www.acaert.com.br/lide-sc-recebe-eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-na-proxima-edicao-de-seu-tradicional-almoco-debate#.WNrPIvnyu0

How EOS Changed The Shape Of Lip Balm

From out of nowhere, or so it seemed, round EOS lip balms started appearing on drug and department store shelves and in celebrities makeup bags. This wasn’t by chance, the co-founders of EOS (evolutionofsmooth.ca), Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, set about shaking up the lip balm market with an innovative new product that could take on Chapstick and Burt’s Bees.

Recently, Teller told Fast Company that there was little imagination in the lip balm category, which was why they saw an opportunity there. After careful research, the EOS founders realized that while lip balm was a unisex product, it is used by far more women than men. Seeing the chance to enhance lip balm to appeal to more women, the EOS lip balm founders chose the soft, rounded shape and developed exotic flavors, such as grapefruit.

Still, making a lip balm that was curious, enchanting and inviting wasn’t going to be enough to take the market away from Chapstick and Burt’s Bees, the founders needed to find a way to get noticed by millennial women, their target customer. Using influencer marketing tactics was the ideal solution, beauty bloggers were eager to review the lip balm since they could recommend an affordable product to their readers. Eventually they got a break when one female Walgreen’s buyer really loved the balm and the other major chains such as Target, Wal-Mart and even Amazon followed.

Today, EOS has a major social media following, they are selling more than a million lip balms a week and they are partnering with brands like Keds and Disney, proof that the company reached its goal of becoming a household name.


Jim Hunt And His Background With VTA Publications

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is a very studious person who enjoys investing and finding out all there is to know about it, while at the same time sharing the secrets he’s discovered with anyone who wants to become an investor. Hunt specifically studies the stock market and has figured out ways to buy good value stocks and sell them at the right time. Hunt decided to sit down with Ideamensch to tell them a little about his background and why he started his investment advisory company.

Hunt said he started his company, VTA Publications because he had previously worked at a large bank in the UK and felt the bank was only interested in making profits instead of helping customers. So Jim Hunt VTA Publications decided to start a company that could show customers how to invest by going around the banks and putting their money in their own hands. Hunt says he finds his days most productive by starting out in the mornings with a workout, making all his major trades and business operations before lunch, and then slowing things down a little in the afternoon and spending time with family in the evening. Jim Hunt VTA Publications believes having this balance is what makes his business successful. Hunt is an avid reader who recommends that people starting out with investing and stock trading should read Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

VTA Publications has been the cornerstone of most of Hunt’s work. Jim Hunt VTA Publications has put together distance learning packages that cover financial subjects of various kinds including retirement planning guided by the bible, learning how to read stock charts, and executing your trades through little-known strategies. They also have seminars about business and investing where businessmen from around the world come to speak, and they’ve been recorded to DVD.

Jim Hunt also started “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire” along with the company, and through YouTube videos he has shown the steps to these projects. “Wealth Wave” is about an investment strategy to use when a bear market is about to come, and “Making Mum a Millionaire” is about how you can make ten trades that could make you millions and help you become tax exempt. To find out more about the company or to order materials, visit vtapublications.co.

Twenty Three Layers of Fantastic


Twenty Three Layers, located in New York City, are the experts when it comes to planning your next event. Their relationships with the most sought after venues and high profile vendors allows them the luxury of making your corporate or charitable event highly successful while weddings and galas will dazzle and delight all who attend.


With numerous event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers are the premier event planners in NYC with their seasoned staff and full-service capabilities to include photography, lighting, catering, floral design, entertainment, production, fabrication, venue selection, branding, styling, workshops, and custom printing.


Known to many as one of the leading corporate event planners NYC and one of the top event planners for individuals, Twenty Three Layers recommends preparation and organization when planning your next event. Giving yourself plenty of time, creating a checklist, and following-up with your guests and vendors are crucial to making sure your event is smooth and fun while arranging your next party.


For example, Home and Garden featured an amazing checklist with step-by-step instructions from one month before, to three weeks, two weeks, one week, two days, and then the day of. This Party Planning Checklist allows you enjoy the experience, while staying efficient and on-task. For example, budgeting, themes, invitations, place cards, food, beverages, decor, place settings, even an iPod play list are some items on the checklist. Creating a timeline is also an important tool in event planning to include food ordering, preparation, and cooking times. For example, is your food frozen? Are you ordering direct online, preparing the meal from scratch, or using a caterer for some of your food and beverage needs? All of these variables will change your time involvement and requires explicit time management.


Other tips for a successful party include addressing your lighting, soft lamps and candles are recommended. Select party favors and put them by the place cards the morning of. Make sure your seating arrangement is done beforehand putting people together that will make the party more stimulating for you and your guests.


If we can assist, call 646.837.5902 or email us at [email protected]

Find them in NYC


Penelope Kokkinides And Richard Shinto Are Providing Tranformative Leadership At InnovaCare Health

Richard Shinto, the president of InnovaCare Health, the Largest Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Company in Puerto Rico, has announced three additions to the corporation’s leadership team. According to HRMR Online, the new executives include Jonathan Meyer who will serve as the chief actuary officer; Penelope Kokkinides who will be the chief administrative officer, and Mike Sortino who shall render his services as the chief accounting officer.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides brings with her a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry. For more than 20 years, she has gained immense knowledge and exposure in government programs and managed care. Her involvement in the industry has seen her acquire specialized skills in the development of clinical programs and overseeing health care processes and operations in an effort to improve efficiency and infrastructure in an organization. With a distinguished career, Penelope has served in different leadership positions for various renowned companies such as Aveta, Centerlight HealthCare, Americhoice and Touchstone Health. She has a sound educational background. Penelope is a graduate of the renowned Binghamton University. She was also admitted to New York University where she earned a master’s degree and a postmaster’s program. In addition, Kokkinides is an alumnus of the Columbia University. Here, she enrolled in the School of Public Health. Her extensive legal background will complement her outstanding leadership at InnovaCare Health. Read more about her interview on Ideamensch

Richard Shinto

Dr. Richard Shinto is highly experienced in the expansive healthcare industry. For over 20 years, Shinto has been exposed to the dynamics and challenges of managed care. His exceptional leadership skills and extensive knowledge on healthcare has seen him work for different companies, including Aveta, NAMM California, Cal Optima Health Plan and Medical Pathways Management Company. Richard has published multiple articles that highlight various topics related to medicine and healthcare. Rick is an alumnus of the esteemed University of California where he graduated with his B.S. He enrolled in the State University of New York where he earned his medical degree. Rick Shinto also holds a master’s degree in business administration from the renowned University of Redlands. His transformative leadership at InnovaCare Health has helped the company to offer innovative products and services, and maintain its position as a leader in the industry.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health provides managed healthcare services in Puerto Rico through two avenues of care, which are provider networks and Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs. The industry leader offers the people of North America quality healthcare services by creating sustainable and cost-effective models that are fully integrated with modern technology. In their mission to redefine healthcare management, InnovaCare Health strives to deliver quality medical care and create strong patient-provider relations.

Vijay Eswaran Is One Of Asia’s Leading Multilevel Marketing Entrepreneurs

Vijay Eswaran is a pillar in his business community. He built a company, QI that has helped many people start their own businesses, and has been a catalyst for philanthropy. Eswaran started this company back in 1998 when he and Joseph Bismark wanted to make a difference with both business and charity work and promote health and nutrition products across the world. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://hk.linkedin.com/in/eswaranvijay

QI Group is primarily based in Malaysia, India, Hong Kong and Singapore but its had a wide reach to countries all over the world.

Vijay Eswaran grew up in Malaysia and his father is a former member of the government’s Ministry of Labor. Eswaran’s mother was a teacher and she encouraged Eswaran to do well in his studies. When he was old enough he got accepted to the London School of Economics where he received a bachelor’s degree in socio-economics.

He wasn’t sure at first what he was going to do with it, and for about a year after completing his undergrad term he did odd jobs from grape harvesting to cab driving. He was able to save enough for grad school and got his MBA from Southern Illinois University.

He started off as a marketing consultant for several companies but then got the idea to go into multilevel marketing, and so the idea for QI Group was started upon his return to Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran’s philanthropy has been accomplished primarily through RYTHM Foundation, but he also started a charity of his own called the Vijayratnam Foundation.

Eswaran is also a member of the World Economic Forum where he has gone to speak on various topics affecting the Asian business community, and he also attended the 2012 Global Indian Business Meet where he got the NGI award for excellence in both business and philanthropy.

According to QI Group, Vijay Eswaran is also a spiritual person and follower of Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings about peace through listening and respecting others, and he practices various rituals each day before or in between tasks.

He’s authored several books about the importance of spirituality in leadership including In The Thinking Zone and 18 Stepping Stones.

EOS Is Staying In The Game

EOS is a lip balm company that has really taken the world by storm with its product and its style. EOS stands for Evolution Of Smooth. EOS is a company that has been able to gross over 250 million dollars in revenue, and they basically stole the lip balm market from Chapstick. In reality, what EOS lip balm did was truly remarkable, because to many people Chapstick was a synonym with lip balm. Chapstick had been the leader in lip balm for the last century. People were used to seeing lip balm in long cylinder tubes, but EOS changed all of that.

The space at stores like Walmart , Walgreens and eBay that were once filed with Chapstick started to change to spaces that were filled with pastel-colored round orbes. These orbes contain a lip balm that is unique in its contents and in its shape. The lip balm market was a market that had not really seen any change within the last 100 years. Since that was the case, it was the prime market when it came to innovation and change.

The lip balm market was a market that was generally unisex. EOS wanted to focus their attention on women. EOS decided that they were going to get their ideas from their Facebook fans, so they took polls from potential customers, and they were able to find out what ideas were entering the market. Many women did not find applying lip balm to be enjoying, so EOS lip balm found that by just changing the size and dimensions of the applying tool, they could greatly improve a woman’s lip balm application experience.

Now EOS is the number one seller of women’s lip balm, and they have moved on to sell women’s lotions as well.



Securus Treats Our Prisoners Well While Keeping Them Safe

I believe that we, as a society, should be judged by how we treat the most vulnerable groups of people. America shouldn’t be judged by how we treat our rich and famous, but rather by how we treat the elderly, the sick, the voiceless and the downtrodden. One of the most vulnerable populations that we have here in the United States is our prison population.


Prisoners are people, and they should be treated with respect. Unfortunately, they are not always treated with the respect they deserve. Let’s just take a look at the telecommunications companies that serve the prison population as an example.


A company named Global Tel-Link recently made the news for treating prisoners poorly. Global Tel-Link gets its hands on government contracts to become the only company that can supply a prison with its telecommunications services. Once the contract is secure, the prisoner must pay Global Tel-Link to make a phone call to a loved one. Global Tel-Link takes advantage of the fact that prisoners are people with loved ones by jacking up prices on these phone calls. Human beings need connection and Global Tel-Link is abusing that need.


Securus Technologies, Global Tel-Link’s main competitor in the industry, takes a different route. They choose to treat their prisoners with respect. They offer superior call quality, video chat services, good prices and an easy way to pay online. They allow prisoners to connect with the outside world. Studies show that this connection actually reduces recidivism to make us all safer.


Securus also aids law enforcement in keeping prisons safer. Securus uses the digital data of calls and video chats to glean information to leads violence prevention. The technology has been known to stop the flow of weapons, alcohol and drugs into certain prisons to make the environment safer for this very vulnerable population.