Mike Baur Presents Best Business Practices with Swiss Factory Startup

There are a lot of business owners that are looking for a way to improve upon their businesses. Mike Baur is the guy that is trying to help these business owners do this. He has started the Swiss Factory Startup, and he is certain that he can bring businesses to new levels of success when the right strategies are employed with the Swiss Startup Factory. People that are trying to build up their businesses will need to get involved with the 360 services that are offered by the Swiss Startup Factory. This is the type of company that can even help a failing business change directions.


In many cases people that are new to business will still be green when it comes advertising and customer loyalty. Most entrepreneurs are focused on the one-time sale. Mike Baur and his team teach people how to focus on the repeat business. This is something that is very important, but the average person is not going to think of this. Smart entrepreneurs will recognize that it takes the professionals like the consultants from the Swiss Factory Startup to pinpoint the areas that need more attention. It is like have a group of consultants to guide you through the business process. That is what Mike Baur has managed to create.


Swiss Factory Startup has a group of professionals that have decades of combined experience. There are people that are going to praise this company because it really changes the way that people look at business. The operation of a business is about much more than profit and loss. This is a big part, but there is a huge grooming process that people have to be mindful of. There are people that are going to need to learn how to lead. There are others that are going to need to know how to groom customers. There are all types of processes that are going to be needed in order to bring around a business into focus, and the Swiss Factory Startup is the thing that people need to help them figure out what works best.


Mike Baur has been in the banking business for decades. He has made it his duty to raise capital for companies in his current line of work. He has taken to learning every aspect of business in order to become better at the job that he is doing with funding startups.

Get Your Wiki Page Written, Edited And Curated By Professionals

There are no words to begin to describe the hard realities of life on the web. The web is a place where people can get away with saying and doing some very mean things. Cyberbullying is a term that has been coined to describe acts of bullying, vandalism, and hate done online – in this case via Wiki edits. A recent example of cyberbullying is the vandalism of Marion Cotillard’s Wikipedia page which happened when news broke out from the Brangelina camp that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce from husband Brad Pitt.

Marion Cotillard is the French actress accused of being at the center of the divorce story. She co-acted with Brad Pitt in the movie Allied set to be released this November. It appears that within hours of the story of Brangelina’s divorce, cyberbullying against Marion Cotillard was in full swing. Her Wikipedia page was edited not once, but twice and both times the Wikipedia revisions were brutal. The hateful comments dismissed the actress as a home wrecker and a cheater.

Top Benefits Received when you Make a Wikipedia Page for Your Business

If you are a business owner looking to get a Wiki page, don’t let these fears of cyberbullying stop you. The reasons to create a Wiki page far outweigh any potential cyberbullying that may come your way.

If you need to be convinced that getting a Wiki page is a good idea, take a look at the following list.

• Free marketing to all who visit your page.

• Your Wiki page allows users to get to know you and your brand more.

• The more exposure you get, the more people get to know about you.

• When people know your brand they are more likely to buy from you.

Hiring Wikipedia Experts to Write a Wiki Page for You

If you are considering getting a Wiki business page done for your company, chances are you want a professional to do it. You could potentially write your own page, however, if you take a look at most Wiki pages, there is a set style of writing and a particular type of formatting involved. Why should you waste your precious company time with Wikipedia page creation when you can hire an efficient team of writers who are knowledgeable and well able to handle the job? A great place to hire such Wikipedia editors is Get Your Wiki. What are you waiting for? Order your custom Wiki page today!

Makari Delivers Skin Whitening Cream That Radiates Youthfulness and Excellent Health

Men and women of color have struggled for centuries when it comes to appropriate skin care and cosmetics. Few companies catered to this demographic, which is something that caused harm to both people of color and the beauty industry as a whole. This market requires different products that were designed to reduce dark spots, uneven skin tones, stretch marks, and general scars that were left behind from wounds or acne, so it was crucial for companies to surface that were intent on assisting this demographic. Makari is a luxury skin care line that focuses on skin whitening creams. They have helped men and women of color improve their appearance by making it appear healthier, more youthful, and flawlessly even since their finding.

Makari was established in Switzerland and catered to a line of seven products. Currently, the company is international and can be found throughout the world, specifically in high-end beauty supply stores. With an impressive line containing over sixty products now, they have stayed relevant by attracting their intended consumer base. Despite the effectiveness of all of their products, they have really obtained the spotlight for their skin whitening creams.

From exfoliating, whitening soaps to their body beautifying whitening milk, Makari de Suisse assists people of color sustain a youthful glow that radiates health. In no way do these products decimate the gorgeous pigment of darker skin, but they instead add a glow to it by strengthening the clarity of the skin. The reduction of any darkness restores the skin to a more youthful appearance while the moisture and vitamins found in the chemical-free, natural substances restore skin to a more natural, healthy state by freeing it from pre-existing damage. Conclusively, Makari’s recognition in the beauty industry can be attributed to their attention of people of color and their whitening creams. With an understanding that the skin of this demographic needs more tender love and care, Makari de Suisse has one regret: Not being established sooner.

Mike Baur Empowering Dreams Through the Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory, which is an idea brought to life by Mike Baur, is offering start-ups a perfect platform to nurture their ideas while learning about the dynamics of the industry. It is a platform that is designed for those looking for funding and support to nurture their ideas into businesses. Since the company was founded in 2014, more than 50 businesses have been nurtured and molded into successful and competitive businesses. The program is divided into sections each tackling a specific issue.

The pre-accelerator
The pre-accelerator is a program that helps to identify extraordinary talent from Switzerland. To closely monitor and decide on the levels of quality ideal for selection, the Swiss Startup Factory invites professionals from leading academic institutions in the country to help in bench-marking and the review process meant to decide who can qualify for acceptance to the Swiss Start-up Factory.

The pre-accelerator services extend to professionally taught pitch training. The program also touches on marketing and accounting, which are essential areas that start-ups should never overlook. Most importantly, they are taken through the basics of product development and coaching to allow them understand the potential benefits and challenges they can get while running their businesses.

Wenger & Vieli Law Accelerator
The Wenger & Vieli Law Accelerator is a bridge to imparting knowledge about the laws that regulate several industries. The Swiss Startup Factory has partnered with Wenger and Vieli, a leading law firm in Switzerland to offer start-up entrepreneurs facts about business law and how they should approach certain issues while handling their business.

This knowledge is passed by leading attorneys who have experience in business law like Christian Wenger, a Private Equity Specialist and Venture Capital attorney. Wenger supports start-ups by helping them to understand the legal aspect of the industry.

About Mike Baur
Mike Baur, born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland, is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a strong background in Finance and Banking. His passion for business started at teenage and he vowed to pursue a career that would see him work as a banker. Later, his dream actualized and he worked in the Swiss banking industry for almost 20 years before exiting to venture into business.

In 2014, Mike Baur established the Swiss Startup Factory, the biggest independent private ICT start-up Accelerator. His educational background is one of the pillars that have helped to push him through his career. He is a University of Rochester alumnus and he graduated with an MBA.