David Osio: The Technology Solution Expert

Among the people who strive to make the world a better place, David J. Osio a businessman and a philanthropist must be among those counted.

David Osio is the brains behind the success of Davos Financial Group. The company has for over two years maintained its reputation as a leading financial advisory and investment strategist in Latin America. It is best known for its professional and comprehensive services that surpass client’s expectations beyond any reasonable doubt. The company has some affiliates such as Davos Real Estate group, which specializes in real estate investment strategies.

Most recently, Davos financial group has partnered with Tecknolution company. Together they have been working towards the development of a new financial calculation tool for both Android and iPhone.

For more than 20 years, David has given back to the community through collaboration with several non-profit organizations to improve the lives vulnerable people through cultural acceptance and appreciation using art and music. In addition to that, his continuous effort in the financial establishment has enabled him to support many international charity organizations financially.

Some of his great works are seen in organizations such as MISO (Miami Symphony Orchestra), where he has served as a board member. Davos financial group, a company, headed by David, who is the CEO has always supported MISO through annual donations. The organization has, therefore, been able to serve the community on a continuous basis, giving the members joy and hope for a better future.

In addition to that, David has played a significant role in The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. In the foundation, he is one of the very first people who volunteered to support it in as it started and has continued doing so every year by sponsoring their annual EPK event. He has always believed that children will someday grow to make a difference in future. Apart from that, he has actively supported Wayuu Taya Foundation, UMA Foundation, Saludarte foundation of art and the Fundana. Foundation His generous contributions have led him to receive many international awards and recognition.

About David J. Osio.

David J. Osio, a graduate lawyer from Catholic University in Caracas, is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group. He is equipped with invaluable business and financial skills, coupled with dedication and hard work to provide the necessary guidance for continuous growth and expansion of the financial company.

The man, David, is passionate about giving back to the society, and ensuring that the world is a better place for everyone who lives in it.

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Mike Baur Presents Best Business Practices with Swiss Factory Startup

There are a lot of business owners that are looking for a way to improve upon their businesses. Mike Baur is the guy that is trying to help these business owners do this. He has started the Swiss Factory Startup, and he is certain that he can bring businesses to new levels of success when the right strategies are employed with the Swiss Startup Factory. People that are trying to build up their businesses will need to get involved with the 360 services that are offered by the Swiss Startup Factory. This is the type of company that can even help a failing business change directions.


In many cases people that are new to business will still be green when it comes advertising and customer loyalty. Most entrepreneurs are focused on the one-time sale. Mike Baur and his team teach people how to focus on the repeat business. This is something that is very important, but the average person is not going to think of this. Smart entrepreneurs will recognize that it takes the professionals like the consultants from the Swiss Factory Startup to pinpoint the areas that need more attention. It is like have a group of consultants to guide you through the business process. That is what Mike Baur has managed to create.


Swiss Factory Startup has a group of professionals that have decades of combined experience. There are people that are going to praise this company because it really changes the way that people look at business. The operation of a business is about much more than profit and loss. This is a big part, but there is a huge grooming process that people have to be mindful of. There are people that are going to need to learn how to lead. There are others that are going to need to know how to groom customers. There are all types of processes that are going to be needed in order to bring around a business into focus, and the Swiss Factory Startup is the thing that people need to help them figure out what works best.


Mike Baur has been in the banking business for decades. He has made it his duty to raise capital for companies in his current line of work. He has taken to learning every aspect of business in order to become better at the job that he is doing with funding startups.

Know more about Mike Baur at founderstories.com.