Doe Deere Keeps Things Fabulous

Doe Deere is a woman who is a famous entrepreneur. Doe Deere is a woman who has been able to achieve much in her life, and she still has a lot of life ahead of her. Doe Deere was born in Russia, and she lived there for the majority of her adolescent years. When she was about 19 years old, she and her family immigrated to the United States. Deere and her family lived in New York, and New York City had great significance for her. Doe Deere alway loved color and fashion, and she knew from a very young age that she wanted to eventually work with fashion and color. Deere wasn’t always sure about exactly how her dreams were going to come true, but she soon figured it out.


Doe Deere went to college and studied fashion and design. She enjoyed designing her own clothing, and in her early 20s, she was able to make her own clothing line. Deere would sell her clothes on eBay, and she was able to get a good fan base.  Deere decided that she was going to experiment on her own. Deere used a lot of theatrical makeup in her experimentation, and she liked the rich color that she was able to get with that makeup. The only problem with theatrical makeup was that it was too heavy for all day wear, so she wanted to find a solution to that problem.


Deere was able to create Lime Crime cosmetics with just a couple hundred dollars and her dream. Doe Deere was able to create a cruelty-free cosmetic brand that sells cosmetics on the Internet. Lime Crime quickly became a success, and that is how Doe Deere got her fabulous to start. Lime Crime is a brand of makeup that specializes in highly pigmented eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks.


Doe Deere is a person who loves her clients and her employees. She does not believe in ruling with an iron fist, but rather she fosters an environment of openness and learning in her business. Doe Deere is a woman who encourages young women all around the world to follow their daydreams, and she gives inspirational speeches about how she was able to go from rags to riches.

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Securus Technologies Visitation Program Makes Inmate Smile

Securus Technologies’ history dates back to 1986 when they started providing technology services. The company established its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The nature of contracts undertaken by the firm has seen it engage in law enforcement technology within correction facilities. Securus is also an information management solutions. It has received several contracts from the government because of their excellent information management services. Apart from its main office in Dallas, the company has other offices in Georgia, Allen, Atlanta and Carrollton. It has a large employee base that amounts to over two thousand employees. It has installed communication facilities in more than six hundred correction facilities spread across the United States.


As far as prison communication technology is concerned, Securus offers the best voice call and video call services. The video call comes in the form of a computer screen at the inmate’s end. The caller is someone outside the correction facility. The family members and friends involved in the call usually cater for the costs. Securus has received praise from fans and critics because of the video visitation program. A family member can schedule visits online without going to the correction facility. The result is that it has taken care of long queues during actual prison visitations.


Securus Technologies makes use of a robust software to achieve communication. The software comes with a simple interface that is simple and easy to use. The visitation program allows family members, friends, visitors and even attorneys to schedule visits. One has to have a smartphone or PC that is connected to the Internet. The process of planning a visit starts by submitting information about the caller. The company requires an identification card and a photo of the user. The information provided gives the staff a better control to behavioral issues. The visitation program is also monitored to assist with investigations.


The ability to monitor the visitation program has been a great advantage to several investigations. It has created new investigation opportunities and made an impact by reducing violence within correction facilities. Communication in correction facilities has never been this easier and faster. The moral aspect of the video is highly commendable. Securus has come out to help unite families during the holiday season. Inmates that have friends in correction facilities no longer feel lonely.

Gold Is Attracting Investors That Are Worried About Trade Wars And Donald Trump

Philip Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve, has been talking about the upside of investing in gold for more than two years. Diehl is the man that initiated the state quarter program while he was director of the U.S. Mint. When it comes to coin and gold investing, Phil Diehl is the man that has the answers. The Austin-based U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of rare and investible coins in the United States. Gold had an incredible year in 2016. The price of gold increased by more than 12 percent in 2016, and Diehl thinks 2017 will be another strong year for gold.



There are several reasons why gold is attracting investors from all over the world. Gold has become a safe haven for investors. The Trump win has created an element of fear in the investing world. His plan to put tariffs on foreign made products, especially products made in China, is one reason investors are turning to gold, according to Diehl. And the Brexit vote is another questionable situation that could create more issues for the European Union. When the Brexit coin was released recently, U.S. Money Reserve was one of the first companies to offer those gold coins to clients in the United States.



Gold prices dropped recently, but that drop was temporary. Mr. Diehl agrees with more than two-thirds of the world’s traders and analysts that say they are looking forward to a very active gold buying year in 2017. Gold prices could hit $1,300 in 2017, and some analysts say prices could top $1,600 an ounce by the end of 2017.



Donald Trump’s isolationist and nationalistic tendencies could create socio-economic and geopolitical volatility, and that will bring more investors into the gold market.



More investors are buying gold coins for retirement. U.S. Money Reserve has an IRA type fund for clients that want to add rare gold and silver coins to their retirement portfolios.



Investing in gold coins is a good idea because other gold investments could be compromised in one way or another. Rare gold coins are appreciating faster than ever, according to Diehl. U.S. Money Reserve is ready to help new investors understand the gold coin market. Diehl thinks anytime is a good time to own gold coins.

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Important Details About Anthony Petrello

Mr. Anthony Petrello, popularly known as Tony Petrello is the current Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of both Nabors Industries Ltd and Nabors Industries Inc after succeeding Eugene Isenberg in 2011. Tony Petrello’s career has been nothing short of enviable. One could hinge his success on a rare academic background combination of mathematics and law.

He got both first and master’s degree in mathematics from Yale University. Thereafter he shocked a lot of his University colleagues and the late Prof. Serge Lang, his mathematics mentor by opting for a degree in Law. Considering his success now, one can only say he took the right decision.

Tony Petrello was the highest paid executive in 2013 and would have repeated the feat in 2014 if he didn’t get a 10 percent pay cut. Tony cut his career teeth as a consultant in the office of the Attorney General Massachusetts. Thereafter, he worked in several positions in Baker & Mckenzie LLP.

Considering his impressive performance, he was given an additional responsibility. He became the Deputy Chairman of the company in addition to the other two executive positions he held. Currently, Mr. Tony Petrello is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of both Nabors Industries Inc and Nabors Industries Ltd all at the same time. No wonder he is among the highest paid executives in the world.

He has been a board member and he is still a board member of several notable organizations on Nabors Industries, the company where Tony Petrello is at the helm of affairs, is an oil drilling company that was established precisely in 1968. Even though it has a presence in over 25 countries, its head office is in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors Industries is about the only company in the world that can boast of over 500 oil rigs scattered across the globe.

At 18, Tony Petrello was already a mathematical genius in college. This was why Prof. Lang adopted him as a protégé. Tony eventually got married to Cynthia Carrafa, his college girlfriend. She is also a success at what she does. Cynthia Carrafa is a soap-opera producer and actress who has created several award winning movies. Despite his number of responsibilities, Tony manages to create adequate time for his family.

Even though his career is very impressive, Tony Petrello did not have everything going smoothly for him. His daughter Carena, was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia at just 24 weeks. This neurological medical condition on LinkedIn is caused by either inadequate oxygen or inadequate blood flow to the brain. This condition usually leads to cerebral palsy. This disease delays all forms of development in kids. So, Carena had to learn out to chew, talk and walk much later than normal children.

The bid to find the cure to cerebral palsy has led Tony and Cynthia into philanthropy. They have committed a total of $7 million and also spearheaded several fundraising efforts for relevant research initiatives at He believes these research initiatives will be of utmost benefit to Carena.