Jason Hope Sees Expansion Of IoT

Over the past decade, the reliance on technology and smart devices has increased considerably. According to some people, this trends is only the beginning as more and more daily devices are likely to become connected in coming years.

One of the strongest proponents of this movement and prediction, which is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things, is Jason Hope. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and venture capital investor that has invested in a number of different tech companies that have developed smart products. Hope has pointed out that there has been a continuing demand for smart products and services. While most people think this has been mainly limited to computers, phones, and watchers, a lot of other daily services and products use linked technology. For example, many public transportation services use smart technology to give more accurate arrival estimates and delays.

While the Internet of Things seems to have been limited to items for convenience and luxury, it will likely soon be involved in many more aspects of the average consumer’s life. Jason Hope believes that there are a lot of daily devices that will soon be connected together. He envisions a life in the near future where, for example, all of your kitchen appliances are linked together and function to match your pattern of living. The could then also be linked to online retailers to automatically order new products when it appears that you are running low on some of your daily staples and commonly used products.

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