An EOS Lip Balm for Every Season

Many products are seasonal in nature and what you enjoy one season may. R very different than what works in another. Luckily, when it comes to lip balms, EOS has you covered with a flavor that fits every season.

EOS Lip Balm is far superior to its competition due to the quality ingredients, lack of artificial flavors, and unique applicator that applies a smooth coat in an clean way. EOS was built up by founders who understood the industry and trends and created a premium product for customers to enjoy.

For winter, many people enjoy rich and complex flavors and vanilla bean fits this role perfectly. Vanilla bean is a powerful yet compelling flavor that warms you up in the winter and tastes natural and not at all synthetic, go here to read more exciting articles,

Springtime is a reminder of rebirth and flower themed lip balms are perfect for that end. Honeysuckle honeydew is the perfect floral compliment for your lip balm needs and makes for a great spring lip balm. The flower flavor of honeysuckle is perfectly complimented with the fruit melon flavor of honeydew. Neither overpowers the other and the result is a wonderful spring themed lip balm that is delicate and subtle. Shop product here on

EOS has a whole variety of lip balms that work in the summer season. While many different lip balms can work here, summer fruit fit the bill best with a great blend of blueberry, strawberry, and peach fruits. Cool related blog here.


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