Lifeline Screening: Are You Prepared?

     Studies show that Americans have to start taking better care of themselves. All across the nation, the population is suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity among other diseases. These chronic diseases have a tremendous effect on your health but Lifeline Screening is a place of solutions.

Who is Lifeline Screening?

They launched in 1993 in Texas and are currently headquartered out of Independence, Ohio. Their focus is in screening to provide insight for preventative care and overall wellness. Their screening process is a powerful and thorough one that includes a blood test, ultrasounds, EKG’s and more.

Detecting early health issues often can be the difference between treatment and death. Lifeline Screening is equipped with a highly trained staff and only uses board-certified physicians that love what they do. Since 1993 Lifeline Screening has provided services to more than seven and a half million clients.

Why Get A Screening?

Our ills are not always detected by the human eye. Sometimes it takes the wisdom of the physician’s eye to see what lies beneath the surface and get to the heart of the matter. Only you can save yourself so take your wellness into your own hands and schedule a screening.

What Does a Lifeline Screening Entail?

Make sure you have your identification and any prior health-related documents and medical records that you feel are pertinent.

Once at their center go to the welcome desk and check-in. Make sure to fill out all required forms that are applicable to your services and payment.

Wear clothes that are comfortable, easily accessible, and loose. Turn your cell phone off and it’s best if you wear no jewelry or tight clothes or dangling accessories.

You’ll wait in the waiting area until your test is ready to begin. At that time you’ll be taken to a private screening area. There you will undergo a thorough screening that consists of:

* Blood Test

* Vital Signs Analysis

* Height

* Weight

* Age, etc.

* Bone Density Screen

* Peripheral Arterial Screen

* EKG Screen

*Carotid Artery Screen

*Aortic Aneurysm Screen

With Lifeline Screening you have an ally in your fight for living the best quality of life possible.

For more, please read How Lifeline Screening Can Provide a Glimpse into Your Heart Health.

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