Goettl Air Conditioning Buys Walton’s Family Business

Goettl Air Conditioning has announced the new ownership of Walton’s, a company that is known for heating and air conditioning, located outside Southern California. The family owned business has been a work in progress project with Todd Longbrake in charge of operations. The business deal allows Goettl to begin operations with the aim of expanding growth across the borders of California. In a statement concerning the business deal, Longbrake said that he had grown the business to the best platforms he could take it. It was now stagnant hence the direction they took in selling the company.


Initially, Goettl was interested in acquiring the firm but Longbrake was stubborn to let go. Apparently, he was working on key managerial areas that remained unmentioned in details. In early 2015, Longbrake came to terms with the fact that the organization was better off being run by Goettl. Having heard that Ken Goodrich was a good manager and investor that has grown the company to milestones, Longbrake settled for the decision to let go of the company because Ken Goodrich can be trusted with business. Finally, the transfer of ownership was completed in 2015. The journey towards growing the company has been fun and exciting. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Longbrake is a good leader in nature. He has grown Walton’s through tremendous challenges. Because of that, his services are instrumental to Goettl. Therefore, the management of Goettl has decided to retain him. He has retained a managerial position. He is also the sales project manager in charge of field supervision. According to Goodrich, Todd has blended into the company by assimilating the values of the firm. He is a leader and can be trusted to handle critical issues in the organization. Even though the partnership was completed two years ago, it has been a smooth walk towards claiming ownership. This is because Longbrake had to work on areas of management prior to handing off. He wanted to ensure that everything was in place before handing the badge to Goettl.


Goettl Air Conditioning exists as a leading company in heating and air conditioning services. This firm keeps winning when listing others. The services it provides come in handy and the techniques used to offer these services cannot be matched. Goettl Air Conditioning is trusted to offer an array of services that no other company can offer. Since 1939, the firm has employed highly trained technicians who find value in offering the best there is. Coupled with the leadership of Ken Goodrich, the future of Goettl is bright in terms of expansion and growth.

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