Lori Senecal Retires After Taking CP+B to the Next Level

In March 2015, CP+B made some changes in its operations by creating a new position named MCD Partners Agency and consequently hiring Lori Senecal to be the global CEO of this post. Chuck Porter, the co-founder of CP+B, contented with the work that Senecal has done with the agency. One of the greatest achievements that she made, while working in this position, is getting American Airlines from its 25-year partner TM Advertising to CP+B. However, despite the fact she has been doing an extraordinary job in the company, it is her time to retire, and she will step down at the end of 2017. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

To Porter, Senecal is more than just an employee; she is a partner who is dedicated to seeing the company getting into greater heights. The two of them are working on creating a smooth transition when Senecal retires by creating the next generation of leadership team. CP+B have ten offices that have entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do. These offices can also be able to share information seamlessly. Thus, this will enable them to bring top strategic and creative talent to the clients. Senecal is convinced that even as she departs the company will continue to do extraordinary work.

About Lori Senecal

Senecal understands that for one to be productive, they need to be healthy. She starts her day doing workouts before going into meetings or the office. Most of her meetings involve internal affairs with the leadership team to discuss how to run the departments efficiently and meetings with the clients to find out their pressing issues and how best they can be addressed. Lori Senecal stays focused on the missions she sets by outlining her priorities and staying in communication with the leaders of her company and the clients. She believes that communication is the key to strategizing innovative ways and building solutions.

Senecal brings her ideas to life by bringing together exceptional talents to work together to achieve the same goal. She offers everyone in her company a chance to pitch in ideas, according to her if an idea is good no matter where it comes from them it has to be implemented. The idea is the boss, and from it, powerful teams are created to ensure that it has been achieved. It is this leadership skill that has driven her to the top and one that she will be remembered for when she retires.

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