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Planning for a special occasion, or gathering of any kind, can sometimes cause a great amount of stress on the person who has the task of delivering a well thought out event. So many people rely on the experience and talents of an event planner. The creative, and qualified planners can bring life what an individual has in mind. An event planner can coordinate parties ranging from a small personal celebration, to an elaborate gala. They will ensure that every detail is in tune with the vision of the customer. There are various event planning companies in NYC, but one company is renowned for their excellence in service, and quality events and parties.


Twenty Three Layers is an events planning company based in New York City. No event or party is too large, or too small for them to plan. From a memorable dinner for two, to a large company or organizational gala, they are the ultimate in delivering an elegant affair. They are also the most sought after corporate event planners in NYC. No matter the venue, Twenty Three Layers can transform it into a mesmerizing depiction of any theme that the customer desires. From the most minute detail to the room decor, their service is guaranteed to please.


Twenty Three Layers is a firm that specializes in using their creativity to design, and plan dazzling events. They are a full service firm that will select a venue for the customer if needed. They will design all floral arrangements, and choose appropriate menus for the occasion. They will also provide entertainment for events according to the theme, and have a photographer to capture those moments to remember. Another service of Twenty Three Layers is the all important lighting. They will ensure that the lighting has a focal point that could enhance the atmosphere of the event. For all event planning, Twenty Three Layers will provide service to all of New York City. Their specialty is offering a broad range of services. Their goal is customer satisfaction. Allow the expert staff of Twenty Three Layers to design your next personal or corporate event.


Twenty Three Layers Offers Tips for Private Party Hosts

When you have one of the top event planning companies in NYC, you have the opportunity to impress your guests and clients or corporate professionals. Twenty Three Layers is a professional agency that pays close attention to creativity and details and provides unique events and parties for business or pleasure. Annual parties, such as birthday and anniversary parties are celebrations that Twenty Three Layers will specialize with the latest dinners, decorations, entertainment and venues that always create an amazing time that is remembered by all.


Our other specialty is corporate events, such as luncheons, banquets, and awards ceremonies. Known as one of the top corporate event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers often presents affairs in Manhattan, but we reach into all the boroughs. Our individualized, exquisite and extravagant events are always remembered fondly.


Twenty Three Layers takes pride in their reputation as one of the best event planners in NYC, but they also believe that you can create a marvelous party on your own when you have a few tips that will impress your guests. Here are five tips for a successful celebration.


  1. Get organized by making a Master List of food and decor purchases, the guest list, and venue choices.
  2. Develop a theme that can be obvious or subtle, but will tie the food and decorations together.
  3. Keep appetizers and table settings simple to emphasize the Star of the event.
  4. Send out invitations. They can be fun, classy or hand made, but provide significant information and an RSVP. This creates anticipation for the event.
  5. Stay relaxed; guests pick up on the host’s mood. The host should be free to greet and mingle with the guests and create the atmosphere you desire.


Whatever the event from stylish corporate functions to mystical evenings of glamor and whimsy, Twenty Three Layers will make it unique in every detail.


We owe our success to our incredible design team that uses extravagant design and decor along with exquisite attention to detail and perfection to create their imaginative themes. After presenting thousands of events in the Big Apple, they are dedicated to impressing each guest as well as the hosts.

Twenty Three Layers of Fantastic


Twenty Three Layers, located in New York City, are the experts when it comes to planning your next event. Their relationships with the most sought after venues and high profile vendors allows them the luxury of making your corporate or charitable event highly successful while weddings and galas will dazzle and delight all who attend.


With numerous event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers are the premier event planners in NYC with their seasoned staff and full-service capabilities to include photography, lighting, catering, floral design, entertainment, production, fabrication, venue selection, branding, styling, workshops, and custom printing.


Known to many as one of the leading corporate event planners NYC and one of the top event planners for individuals, Twenty Three Layers recommends preparation and organization when planning your next event. Giving yourself plenty of time, creating a checklist, and following-up with your guests and vendors are crucial to making sure your event is smooth and fun while arranging your next party.


For example, Home and Garden featured an amazing checklist with step-by-step instructions from one month before, to three weeks, two weeks, one week, two days, and then the day of. This Party Planning Checklist allows you enjoy the experience, while staying efficient and on-task. For example, budgeting, themes, invitations, place cards, food, beverages, decor, place settings, even an iPod play list are some items on the checklist. Creating a timeline is also an important tool in event planning to include food ordering, preparation, and cooking times. For example, is your food frozen? Are you ordering direct online, preparing the meal from scratch, or using a caterer for some of your food and beverage needs? All of these variables will change your time involvement and requires explicit time management.


Other tips for a successful party include addressing your lighting, soft lamps and candles are recommended. Select party favors and put them by the place cards the morning of. Make sure your seating arrangement is done beforehand putting people together that will make the party more stimulating for you and your guests.


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