The Brown Modelling Agency Will Bring the Talent

The Brown Agency is actually a combination of two talent agencies. Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South combined to re-launch The Brown Agency. The merger was a good move as the two agencies are like-minded and share many of the same ideas. They are also the largest talent agencies in the Austin, Texas area and they have created the only full-service agency in the Austin area.


The two companies are very excited about the merger and will work well together since they share many of the same viewpoints, goals, and are moving forward in the same direction. The merger means more talent for their clients and more clients for their talent.


Justin Brown is the former head of Wilhelmina Austin and will now be the CEO of The Brown Agency. Justin Brown is very excited about his new role in the company and has been prepping talent and finding models gigs since his college days, so he is a good fit for the job and is up to the task. Justin Brown believes that the Agency is only as good as the talent they have and that is why he is so selective. The models and talent that they acquire are thoroughly trained and prepped so that they always provide their clients with what they want. Their talent is a reflection of the company and so they need to be of top quality to meet the expectations of their clients. Michael B. Bonnie will oversee the theatrical section of the Brown Agency and he is very excited to join the new team of combined expertise and experience.


The Brown Agency is establishing its offices in Dallas and will be headquartered in Austin and the agency will also be reaching as far as Los Angeles. The Brown Agency is considered a full-service agency that represents actors and models in an array of jobs such as commercial, catalogue, television, film, industrial videos, print, runway, trade shows, and voiceover. They also provide talent for corporate and promotional events.


The Brown Agency has provided talent for various well-known companies such as Louis Vuitton, Loreal, Dell, Toyota, just to name a few. Their fashion models have graced the runways of New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week, and many other shows as well.


the Brown Agency is becoming a household name has come to be known as the modelling agency that not only finds great talent but that trains their talent to have the professionalism and the class that clients are after as well. You can visit their Instagram page.


The secret behind Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Company success

The fundamental role in marketing lies in the strategies applied in the branding of the Company’s products. Branding in companies across the globe has garnered an added advantage to the competitors making it evident in the global market and economies of scale experienced across the world. The essence of branding has played a role in penetration of different products in the market and also countering the competition experienced in the market. Branding has also been used by various companies to win the heart of clients depending on the targeted group. The company’s image is directly proportional to the branding of its products. Kate Hudson success in the fashion industry was credited with the image of the products sold to the consumers.


Kate Hudson is an accomplished International model in the fashion and modeling industry. Kate established Fabletics in the year 2013, with a mindset of targeting healthy women. The establishment of the clothing line was primarily to promote healthy living styles among women through various channels such as sports. The knowledge of leading a healthy lifestyle gave Kate a reason to implement modernized market trends in her own established company. Fabletic companies comprise well laid out strategies for planning and implementation of them in response to the consumer’s needs.


Branding is the key selling point in the fashion industry. The consumer’s taste and preferences rely much on the brands of the products. Fabletic Company came up with an idea of putting up a showroom in response to the personal touch of their products on the consumers in the fashion industry. The essence of the reverse room was to research on the client’s taste and preferences to win more consumers and maintain their usual clients. Kate Hudson hired a qualified team that works in the reverse showroom and collects data based on the consumer preferences. The browsing history regarding the consumer taste and choice has led to the determination of what should be stored physically in the outlets.


Many companies have adopted the modern technology across the globe. A production industry such as Fabletics has used technology as a catalyst to win more clients. Fabletics as mainly used technology in designing customized products and determination of the consumers taste and preferences in response to their needs. The firm has managed to successfully set up physical showrooms that are used to store high-quality brands. The Company has different outlets that offer products at affordable prices to retail shopping. Culture, income, lifestyle, and preferences of a client led to the implementation of the reverse showroom mechanism in the Fabletic Company.

Fabletics is Evolving and Takes on the Amazon Giant

Fabletic’s takes Amazon by storm as the company has climbed the ranks in just 3 short years. Fabletic’s has grown into a $250 million business. The company is part of the new activewear trend that has hit the markets wide open. In order to purchase items from Fabletics, you must first subscribe to the company.

For decades, for an item to be deemed a high value, two factors determined that, quality and price. But now, everything has shifted into a new direction. Customer service and customer experience, popularity of the brand, and exclusives are more important and what determines what is high value and what is not.

Fabletics compares their company to companies like Warby Parker and Apple. The big secret is that they have redesigned the modern day consumers view of what is considered high value. The subscription service allows the company to become more personal with it’s consumer. This keeps them in competition with other brands by offering trendy activewear for half the cost.

Fabletics do physical stores differently than others. Their physical stores premise is reverse showrooming. In general, people browse offline at different items only to purchase them cheaper somewhere else. But Fabletics took advantage of what the norm is with consumers. They rely on events and activities to draw in the consumer and by the time someone walks into their stores, they are already a member.

Data taken from online can give valuable insight, but the success of the business isn’t based on data alone. Showcasing online and in store the right pieces of activewear is crucial. Physical stores stock their stores based off online data. That creates an ease of change as trends and fads change. This is combined with subscription service along with consumer needs and that keeps the business successful.

Fabletics faces issues like any other business. But as the business continues to grow, competition with other companies, educating the consumer, and the overall balance of the consumer lifestyle is pushing the company to new heights with success. Shawn Gold, who is the Corporate Marketing Officer for TechStyle states that the rate of growth for the brand is a continuing 35% each year.

In the e-commerce sector, Amazon is hard to compete with. But companies like Fabletics have figured out how to succeed in this world. Between having the all exclusive products, membership services, knowledge of demographics and the data that goes with it, they are a force to be reckoned as they continue to grow.

Fabletics is a company that gets personal with you. With its membership, it gets on the consumer’s level targeting what they are looking for. The products are affordable and stylish. The products can also be worn by the active individual or by an individual that just wants to lounge in something comfortable. The products are great in quality and the fabric easily moves when you find yourself in an intense workout.