Igor Cornelsen: A Man of Financial Expertise

Igor Cornelsen is a South American native, born and raised in Brazil. He is a professional Stock Market investor and a retired banker. Currently, he is working with Bainbridge Group to invest in the stock market and for commodity and foreign exchange investment. Igor success did not just come out of the blues, he had to work hard for all the achievements he now has.

Cornelsen started out his career in Brazil as a banker and worked for various banking institutions. Through his banking careers, he ensured that he steered the institutions he managed to success and this gave him great experience, which made him the successful businessman he currently is. Read more: Igor Cornelsen fala sobre os bancos brasileiros e o que fazer antes de investor

Apart from working in banks, Igor has also offered financial advice to major companies like Burger King. Igor Cornelsen is known all over for providing advice to various people and institutions on matters relating to investments owing to his vast experience in the market. He has always been a pioneer in the strategy for investing in damaged stocks and avoiding damaged companies.

This is basically, a skill to explore when a stock price goes down due to a temporary problem a firm might be experiencing. Cornelsen believes that potential investors should stay away from firms that have actually fallen down and might never rise.

According to Igor Cornelson, one of the smart investment strategies for potential investors before they invest in countries should be a proper research. The investor should look at the countries’ trading partners and competitors so as to reap major profits.

He strongly advises that people should invest in China since many of the investors in China are reaping massive benefits, him being one of them. As a result of hard work, experience and smart investments, Igor Cornelsen is a man of great fortune.

He lives lavish both in the Bahamas, where he works, and in Florida, where his family is. When he is not working he is relaxing and playing golf. Furthermore, as part of his success, he helps other people who would want to achieve great results in the investments they take part in.