Ara Chackerian — The Dream of Depressive Treatment

Ara Chackerian is one of the principle founders of TMS Health Solutions. He strongly believes that the simplest concepts branch from the simplest life experiences. As a venture capitalist, enterpriser, and altruist he has created his wealth by serving others. His founding of TMS Health Solutions and innovating the influential transcrannial magnetic stimulation treatment have helped many individuals overcome their depressive disorder. The illness of depression affects immeasurable Americans once a year and different kinds of depression are often a lot more devastating than others. Treatment resistant depression can not be cured by standard ways of coping with depression. Ara Chackerian and his trustworthy team have worked exhaustingly hard to develop the correct medical aid to help patients with their suffering.

Ara Chackerian has been a capitalist for his entire life. He started his career as an enterprising man and created the bulk of his wealth by investment in health care solutions and new treatments. This early expertise and success gave him the primary expertise he needed to be compelled to set about making his own company for treating others. TMS Health Solutions is based in San Francisco and they have locations throughout Northern California. Ara believes transcrannial magnetic stimulation medical aid is the third pillar of depression medical aid, together with medication and talking. By utilizing the 3 ways, patients have the advantage of full attention. Major depressive episodes are diminished, and people that are resisting the common treatments are often treated. TMS Health Solutions began once Ara Chackerian and his entrepreneurial colleagues desired simpler ways to assist these patients. They began by learning the psychopathology model and molding their facility with this model. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Ara Chackerian and his team started with the goal of coming up with a care facility that might deliver the system of treatment that allowed the patient and doctor the foremost time attainable to attain their goal of assuaging depression. The entire clinic was designed in ways that patients would feel comfy once they enter the door. The doctors’ focus needed to be placed entirely on the patients, and they did not want it to feel like a workplace. This atmosphere helped with the patients’ healing, and it permitted doctors the ability to be more personable with patients. You can search on Google for more.

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USHEALTH Advisors Puts The Needs Of Families And Communities First

Randy Hildebrandt had dreams of making it in the Major Leagues. He wanted to emulate his hero Nolan Ryan and become one of the greatest pitchers in the game. Everything seemed to be going his way. He was an imposing and impressive presence on the mound, and he got a lot of looks from talent scouts. Then tragedy struck. His shoulder gave out during his senior year of High School.

His baseball dreams dashed, Ryan decided he would make it big elsewhere. He enrolled in Texas A&M and looked forward to a future in business. He was not really interested in what he studied, but thought it would bring him wealth and prosperity. Read this article at to know more.

After graduating from college, he posted his resume online and got a call back. He was told of a job selling insurance. Ryan did not exactly jump at this opportunity. He did not think he had what it took to succeed in the field. In fact, it took a long time for him to commit himself mind, body, and soul to the profession. With advice and encouragement from both the person who originally recruited him and company mentors who saw his potential and wanted him to succeed, Ryan eventually prospered as an insurance sales executive. The big change came when he realized that his job was not to sell insurance; it was to help people protect themselves and their families.

In 2012, Ryan joined USHEALTH Group. He was convinced it was the right move to make after speaking to the company’s CEO Troy McQuagge. The latter’s energy and passion for helping people impressed Ryan. It made him realize that he could do great things at one of the largest insurance providers in the country.

USHEALTH’s focus on putting the needs of people first is what attracts talented people like Randy Hildebrandt to the company. The Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) program is one of the main ways that the company makes a positive difference in communities. It is a program that is thoroughly integrated into the structure and operations of USHEALTH. Through this program, employees have helped re-build homes in New Orleans and raised money for children with cancer. Every associate of USHEALTH has embraced the HOPE program, making it the soul of the company.

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How to Take Out a Life Insurance Plan

Taking out a life insurance plan might not be the most pleasant thing for yourself, but it is crucial that you take one out for yourself. This is the reason why a lot of people choose Freedom Life Insurance for this type of plan. There are a lot of reasons to take out a life insurance plan. At the very least, the plan is going to pay for the funeral that is going to happen and it can also help with keeping your loved ones protected financially if they are unable to do so themselves. If this is something you feel is going to help out, it is time for you to think about choosing Freedom Life Insurance for yourself. Read more about Freedom Life Insurance at

The reason Freedom Life Insurance is a prime choice for life insurance is because what they are able to do for people. The problem that a lot of people have is that they do not know where to go for this type of plan. Because of this, it is important that you make use of it as an option for yourself and know that it is something that is going to help out. You will love being able to make use of this policy and know that it is protecting everyone who might be involved.

Before you make the decision to utilize Freedom Life Insurance, you will want to visit their site and get the help that you need. You will be able to open up a policy that is right for you and get exactly what it is that you need. Before you make this decision, be sure to go on their site and see exactly what they are providing for you to make use of. This is a great choice for those who would like to make use of this as a viable option for their families, and it is something that you are going to find to be helpful because of all that it is able to do for you and get you what you need in terms of helping out with the right type of choices. Visit:


The Success Stories of USHealth Group Careers

Randy is currently USHealth Group advisor with an interesting story of how he got here. According to his life plans, working for an insurance company was not there. He aspired to be a star in baseball like his mentor, Ryan Nolan. Sadly, Randy got an injury that could not allow him to play again. He had to retire and think about another path of life.

The wisest thing to do was go to college and later pursue a career in life. Randy decided to do business and economics because they had good paying jobs. The only problem was Randy did not like the course because it was difficult and never interesting. While he studies, Randy waited tables in a restaurant. The money helped him to save and utilize it in other areas. Visit ZOCDOC to know more about USHealth Group

After school, Randy did not know what to do. He submitted his resume to sites that sought jobs for candidates. This is where a lady called Randy persistently and persuaded him to join USHealth Group as an insurance salesperson. The beginning was difficult, but through mentorship, Randy became good at what he did. Today, he is happy that he took this path because it has proved to be fulfilling.

USHealth Group is an insurance company that widely offers plans countrywide. It is not just popular for the affordable and quality services but also community service. Troy McQuagge established a program called HOPE. It is about helping needy people in the society. This program aims to be always there for the people and not just a onetime event. The first time the program participated in the community was during Hurricane Katrina. The team from USHealth Group played a major role in rebuilding the lives of people.

Later, Troy introduced a sub-section for children. This section takes care of children diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Troy said the purpose of the HOPE program is to make a difference in people’s lives. The other reason is to teach employees to have a heart of giving. This program has influenced other organizations, and they are also joining in volunteerism and transforming lives in the society. It should not just be about business but also making a positive impact.

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USHEALTH Advisors Is A Reputable Health Insurance Advisor

Are you looking for professional guidance on health insurance issues? Do you want to consult with a reliable company or team of professionals that has a great reputation in the industry? There are many companies to choose from but you need to do proper research before deciding on the right one to contact.

USHEALTH Advisors is a leading company in health insurance related products and services. This company has been around for decades and has a great reputation in the industry. It’s health insurance offers and services are used by numerous consumers around the nation and are considered the best around. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

When it comes to selecting the right coverage or plan for your family, it is imperative that you go with a company that has a lot of experience dealing with individual and family or group policies. It is also crucial to be sure that the company offers a variety of options or can point you in the right direction.

There are PPO plans and others to consider. Having several options available to you makes it easier to get the right plan and coverage for your situation. This means that even if you’re self-employed, you will find a health plan that suits you or your dependents.

Take your time to study the available plans or policy and be sure to go over the fine print in the terms and conditions. If you don’t understand what the contract or agreement outlines, or if there are any issues you need addressed, the professionals at representatives are available and ready to deal with them promptly.

To get the best rates for you or your dependents, talk to an insurance representative at USHEALTH Advisors who has access to a vast range of resources and knows the industry, the plans, and the applicable rules and regulations.

The professionals at USHEALTH Advisors are highly knowledgeable and experienced and they will you select the right plan and coverage for you and your dependents. Contact USHEALTH Advisors right away to find out more about the health products and services they offer.

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How To Choose Between Term And Permanent FreedomLife Insurance

Life Insurance is an important type of policy for anyone who has dependents that rely on them and their income. In order to meet these needs, there are two types of life insurance policies, term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Either can be a good fit depending on one’s personal circumstances.

Term life insurance can fit if you need this coverage for a specific number of years. You might, for example, only need through the time your children are through college at which point no one is relying on your income anymore. In another case, you might need a large face value on your policy but you need to keep the monthly premiums low. Term life insurance policies are less expensive than permanent life policies making this a good choice under these circumstances.

A permanent life policy, on the other hand, doesn’t expire. No matter how old you get coverage will remain in place as long as the premiums are paid. Another use for a permanent life policy is that they accumulate cash value. You can use this cash to pay the monthly premiums or you can borrow against it. If you cancel the policy you get this cash value back minus any fees.

There are other types of life insurance policies as well, such as universal life and variable life, but the two above policies are the ones that most people choose.

When it comes to choosing you put your life insurance policy with, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, Inc. can be a good choice. They are based in Fort Worth, Texas and have been offering life insurance policies since 1956. This indicates that they are a very stable company that should be around for years to come.

As a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, Inc., the clients of Freedom Life Insurance also have access to other types of insurance policies they may need such as specialized health insurance products. The Freedom Life Insurance policies are sold through USHEALTH Advisors which is a national network of insurance agents.

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