Martin Luther King Day Celebrates Dreamers Like Dick Devos

Why has America been able to become the sole superpower? The American Dream has challenged people to search for more out of life. This includes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Philanthropist Dick Devos.


Daring to American Dream


Mankind has been given many talents, skills and resources. Some have taken these blessings and done a great deal with them. These are the leaders of the world.


A man, who did the most with his talents was Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. He saw the racism around him that did not respect his talents. The European-Americans did not respect the skills, talents and virtues of African-Americans.


Didn’t our Creator make African-Americans in his image too? Shouldn’t all have the right to dream? Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize because he dared to dream for African-Americans.


Philanthropist Dick Devos has also dared to dream. He has started a charter school for any talented child to learn how to become a pilot. Just like Doctor King, Mr. Devos has sought to overcome artificial barriers to success.


The future belongs to the dreamers. They created the businesses and schools that make the world better. Dick Devos continues to bring his visionary message to a larger and larger audience.


The Sky Is the Limit


Mr. Dick Devos has decided to expand his role in public service. He has already advocated more charter schools for Michigan. Now, he can take his message to the entire nation.


Pilot Dick Devos has been appointed to the all-important Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) civilian oversight panel. This ensures that issues related to aviation are dealt with in an honest and responsible fashion. What might be some of the important issues of the future?


How will future technology be used to overcome crowded skies? Will security checkpoints become a permanent feature of a free nation? Which airports should be remodeled to handle growing customer demands?


Having a dreamer, like Mr. Devos on the FAA board can ensure that the future is bright. Sometimes, it is difficult to challenge the norms and promote a better way. Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for what is right and so has Philanthropist Dick Devos.


The sky is the limit for dreamers like King and Devos. Americans take a day off to celebrate dreamers on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Dreamers create a bright future. Learn more: