Jason Hope – Tech Commentator

Mr. Jason Hope has been writing about the latest technological additions to the market for several years now. He has established himself as an expert on advances and inventions in terms of their effect on practicality, productivity, and life as a whole. Mr. Jason Hope writes for a large tech website and his opinion is respected and valued in the community.In a recent work of his, Mr. Jason Hope talked about one the largest and probably most significant inventions – The internet of things.

The beginning of this invention has been around for many years; however, it has not yet been established to its full capacity. The internet of things is essentially the synched connection that can be established between devices of any kind as long as the devices have Bluetooth. The Internet of things can be made use of n nearly every aspect of life. It can be used in many fields of life and physical areas as well. Currently, the internet of things is used way less than it could be.

In his article, Mr. Jason Hope goes over some of the main aspects that he believes will be influenced in a positive way by the internet of things. Both urban and rural areas can benefit by it as well as the corporate and academic scene. The internet of things is currently being used to some extend in offices and academic institutions as well as in transportation. The implementation of it to a greater level can make time management easier to do and it can also increase productivity at work, at school, and when it comes to house chores.

Mr. Jason Hope has had an education in Finance. He studied at the Arizona State University and then he enrolled at the Carey School of Business which Mr. Jason Hope graduated from with an M. B. A. Up to date, Mr. Jason Hope is working at the Mobile Technology for which he writes articles on the latest inventions. Mr. Jason Hope is also passionate about politics and the affects politics have on business in America, with a particular interested for the effects of Arizona business.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Proves Hard Work and Dedication the Key to Successful Business

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, known to many as Duda Melzer, is the president and chairman and of the RBS Group since January 1, 2016. Eduardo is a Brazilian entrepreneur. Mr. Melzer is married with three beautiful children. Duda succeeded Nelson Sirotsky as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the RBS Group. Duda is a jack of all trades. He is the founder of Digital e.Bricks and the partner to the e.Bricks Ventures which are investment companies in the digital sector that run business in both Brazil and America.

RBS is a leader in communication in Santa Catarina, and the Rio Grande do Sul. The company produces content and entertainment on radio, television, newspapers and digital platforms. Through Duda’s digital company, e.Bricks, he has advanced in the areas of digital media with innovative models and management of excellence. The RBS Group was recognized among the three media and internet companies in the country that generated the most value for their audiences in 2014.

In an article on economia, Eduardo has built a successful career since graduating, at the age of 26, with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from PUCRS (the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Su) in 1988. Today, at the age of forty-four he holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School, one of the graduate schools of Harvard University in the America. Duda started his career here in Brazil, by working with the financial and market franchise. His work in United States made him a senior analyst who worked at Delphi Corporation and gave him a chance to work as the Box Top Media CEO; a non-traditional media company based in New York, more info can be found on globo.com.

Melzer believes that family-run businesses can only succeed through professional management because it is the people who turn dreams into reality.

Read more: http://www.acaert.com.br/lide-sc-recebe-eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-na-proxima-edicao-de-seu-tradicional-almoco-debate#.WNrPIvnyu0