USHEALTH Advisors Is A Reputable Health Insurance Advisor

Are you looking for professional guidance on health insurance issues? Do you want to consult with a reliable company or team of professionals that has a great reputation in the industry? There are many companies to choose from but you need to do proper research before deciding on the right one to contact.

USHEALTH Advisors is a leading company in health insurance related products and services. This company has been around for decades and has a great reputation in the industry. It’s health insurance offers and services are used by numerous consumers around the nation and are considered the best around. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

When it comes to selecting the right coverage or plan for your family, it is imperative that you go with a company that has a lot of experience dealing with individual and family or group policies. It is also crucial to be sure that the company offers a variety of options or can point you in the right direction.

There are PPO plans and others to consider. Having several options available to you makes it easier to get the right plan and coverage for your situation. This means that even if you’re self-employed, you will find a health plan that suits you or your dependents.

Take your time to study the available plans or policy and be sure to go over the fine print in the terms and conditions. If you don’t understand what the contract or agreement outlines, or if there are any issues you need addressed, the professionals at representatives are available and ready to deal with them promptly.

To get the best rates for you or your dependents, talk to an insurance representative at USHEALTH Advisors who has access to a vast range of resources and knows the industry, the plans, and the applicable rules and regulations.

The professionals at USHEALTH Advisors are highly knowledgeable and experienced and they will you select the right plan and coverage for you and your dependents. Contact USHEALTH Advisors right away to find out more about the health products and services they offer.

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Martin Luther King Day Celebrates Dreamers Like Dick Devos

Why has America been able to become the sole superpower? The American Dream has challenged people to search for more out of life. This includes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Philanthropist Dick Devos.


Daring to American Dream


Mankind has been given many talents, skills and resources. Some have taken these blessings and done a great deal with them. These are the leaders of the world.


A man, who did the most with his talents was Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. He saw the racism around him that did not respect his talents. The European-Americans did not respect the skills, talents and virtues of African-Americans.


Didn’t our Creator make African-Americans in his image too? Shouldn’t all have the right to dream? Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize because he dared to dream for African-Americans.


Philanthropist Dick Devos has also dared to dream. He has started a charter school for any talented child to learn how to become a pilot. Just like Doctor King, Mr. Devos has sought to overcome artificial barriers to success.


The future belongs to the dreamers. They created the businesses and schools that make the world better. Dick Devos continues to bring his visionary message to a larger and larger audience.


The Sky Is the Limit


Mr. Dick Devos has decided to expand his role in public service. He has already advocated more charter schools for Michigan. Now, he can take his message to the entire nation.


Pilot Dick Devos has been appointed to the all-important Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) civilian oversight panel. This ensures that issues related to aviation are dealt with in an honest and responsible fashion. What might be some of the important issues of the future?


How will future technology be used to overcome crowded skies? Will security checkpoints become a permanent feature of a free nation? Which airports should be remodeled to handle growing customer demands?


Having a dreamer, like Mr. Devos on the FAA board can ensure that the future is bright. Sometimes, it is difficult to challenge the norms and promote a better way. Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for what is right and so has Philanthropist Dick Devos.


The sky is the limit for dreamers like King and Devos. Americans take a day off to celebrate dreamers on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Dreamers create a bright future. Learn more:

Jeunesse Global Great Products, Better Service

Investing in your health is one of the most important things that you can do. There are many people who are willing to spend a lot of money on health and beauty products. As a result, the entire health and beauty industry is doing well right now.

Jeunesse Global is one of the leading companies in the field today. Although this is a small company, it is still a profitable company that has great products.

Numerous people want to look and feel better. With the products that are sold by Jeunesse Global, you can completely upgrade your overall beauty regimen. The products sold by Jeunesse Global are of the highest quality. This is why so many people enjoy buying products from the company. Read more about Jeunesse Global at Bloomberg.

Direct Selling

Over the past few years, Jeunesse Global has grown rapidly. One of the biggest reasons for this growth is the direct selling model of the company. Numerous satisfied customers have started to sell the products to their circle of friends. This is an excellent way for customers to make additional money. Not only that, but many people are passionate about helping others feel good about themselves. Follow Jeunesse Global on Facebook.


For any small company, marketing is an essential element of success. This is an area where Jeunesse Global has done well. The company does not have the cash to compete with the major health and beauty companies in the industry. However, the company utilizes social media in an effective way. Many customers love putting the products on social media to show how effective they are. A satisfied customer is one of the best marketing tools that a company can have.

Although Jeunesse Global is still a small company, it is a company that is doing well in various areas. Over the next few years, the management team at Jeunesse Global wants to continue expanding into new markets.


How To Choose Between Term And Permanent FreedomLife Insurance

Life Insurance is an important type of policy for anyone who has dependents that rely on them and their income. In order to meet these needs, there are two types of life insurance policies, term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Either can be a good fit depending on one’s personal circumstances.

Term life insurance can fit if you need this coverage for a specific number of years. You might, for example, only need through the time your children are through college at which point no one is relying on your income anymore. In another case, you might need a large face value on your policy but you need to keep the monthly premiums low. Term life insurance policies are less expensive than permanent life policies making this a good choice under these circumstances.

A permanent life policy, on the other hand, doesn’t expire. No matter how old you get coverage will remain in place as long as the premiums are paid. Another use for a permanent life policy is that they accumulate cash value. You can use this cash to pay the monthly premiums or you can borrow against it. If you cancel the policy you get this cash value back minus any fees.

There are other types of life insurance policies as well, such as universal life and variable life, but the two above policies are the ones that most people choose.

When it comes to choosing you put your life insurance policy with, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, Inc. can be a good choice. They are based in Fort Worth, Texas and have been offering life insurance policies since 1956. This indicates that they are a very stable company that should be around for years to come.

As a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, Inc., the clients of Freedom Life Insurance also have access to other types of insurance policies they may need such as specialized health insurance products. The Freedom Life Insurance policies are sold through USHEALTH Advisors which is a national network of insurance agents.

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Twenty Three Layers Of New York City

Planning for a special occasion, or gathering of any kind, can sometimes cause a great amount of stress on the person who has the task of delivering a well thought out event. So many people rely on the experience and talents of an event planner. The creative, and qualified planners can bring life what an individual has in mind. An event planner can coordinate parties ranging from a small personal celebration, to an elaborate gala. They will ensure that every detail is in tune with the vision of the customer. There are various event planning companies in NYC, but one company is renowned for their excellence in service, and quality events and parties.


Twenty Three Layers is an events planning company based in New York City. No event or party is too large, or too small for them to plan. From a memorable dinner for two, to a large company or organizational gala, they are the ultimate in delivering an elegant affair. They are also the most sought after corporate event planners in NYC. No matter the venue, Twenty Three Layers can transform it into a mesmerizing depiction of any theme that the customer desires. From the most minute detail to the room decor, their service is guaranteed to please.


Twenty Three Layers is a firm that specializes in using their creativity to design, and plan dazzling events. They are a full service firm that will select a venue for the customer if needed. They will design all floral arrangements, and choose appropriate menus for the occasion. They will also provide entertainment for events according to the theme, and have a photographer to capture those moments to remember. Another service of Twenty Three Layers is the all important lighting. They will ensure that the lighting has a focal point that could enhance the atmosphere of the event. For all event planning, Twenty Three Layers will provide service to all of New York City. Their specialty is offering a broad range of services. Their goal is customer satisfaction. Allow the expert staff of Twenty Three Layers to design your next personal or corporate event.


The secret behind Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Company success

The fundamental role in marketing lies in the strategies applied in the branding of the Company’s products. Branding in companies across the globe has garnered an added advantage to the competitors making it evident in the global market and economies of scale experienced across the world. The essence of branding has played a role in penetration of different products in the market and also countering the competition experienced in the market. Branding has also been used by various companies to win the heart of clients depending on the targeted group. The company’s image is directly proportional to the branding of its products. Kate Hudson success in the fashion industry was credited with the image of the products sold to the consumers.


Kate Hudson is an accomplished International model in the fashion and modeling industry. Kate established Fabletics in the year 2013, with a mindset of targeting healthy women. The establishment of the clothing line was primarily to promote healthy living styles among women through various channels such as sports. The knowledge of leading a healthy lifestyle gave Kate a reason to implement modernized market trends in her own established company. Fabletic companies comprise well laid out strategies for planning and implementation of them in response to the consumer’s needs.


Branding is the key selling point in the fashion industry. The consumer’s taste and preferences rely much on the brands of the products. Fabletic Company came up with an idea of putting up a showroom in response to the personal touch of their products on the consumers in the fashion industry. The essence of the reverse room was to research on the client’s taste and preferences to win more consumers and maintain their usual clients. Kate Hudson hired a qualified team that works in the reverse showroom and collects data based on the consumer preferences. The browsing history regarding the consumer taste and choice has led to the determination of what should be stored physically in the outlets.


Many companies have adopted the modern technology across the globe. A production industry such as Fabletics has used technology as a catalyst to win more clients. Fabletics as mainly used technology in designing customized products and determination of the consumers taste and preferences in response to their needs. The firm has managed to successfully set up physical showrooms that are used to store high-quality brands. The Company has different outlets that offer products at affordable prices to retail shopping. Culture, income, lifestyle, and preferences of a client led to the implementation of the reverse showroom mechanism in the Fabletic Company.

Brown Modelling Agency Enlightens the Austin Talents

Brown Modelling Agency is a real game changer in the Austin modeling and acting talent sky. The agency, which was established in the year 2010, is actually imprinted a milestone to the Texas modeling industry. The agency has paved ways for the aspiring young individuals from the state to the world of modeling with the right mixture of training, guidance, mentorship, exposure to opportunities, and more. It was started by the reputed talent manager and well-known model, Justin Brown, in collaboration with Wilhelmina Austin. The collaboration helped the talents of The Brown Agency to get the best exposure in the region as the expertise of Justin Brown and the excellent network of Wilhelmina Austin greatly worked for them.

Over the years, the modeling agency has grown with the international reputation and created its branches in Dallas and Los Angeles. It has groomed a significant number of talents who are focusing on wide range of talent segments including modeling, Hollywood, theater dramas, and more. It is considered as the prominent supplier of young men, women, children, and more to studios, modeling agencies, art theaters, and more. The agency keeps one of the biggest portfolios of talents to various segments available for different industries. Due to that reason, most of the modeling houses, international brands, Hollywood production houses, and more consider the Brown Modelling Agency as their preferred choice for talents.

Justin Brown is the main driving force of the Brown Agency. He has highly successful years of modeling career during his college days. Justin captured tremendous success in front of the camera at his very young age. However, he always aspired to go behind the camera and nurturing the talents. This is where Justin found that “development and placement” is his ideal sub-category in the modeling world. He started training the young models and turned them pros with greater focus. In the end, Justin either placed them in some international brands or helped them to become a graduate in big time. Justin does the same job at Brown Modelling Agency, and with the help of seven staff, he trains over 450 talents at a time.

According to the agency’s crunchbase page, the talents of Brown Modelling Agency regularly get recruited to Dell, L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Toyota, and many other international brands. Earlier, this type of industry exposure was only available to the talents from big cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and more. But the entry of Brown Modelling Agency has given an equal opportunity to the talents of Austin as well. The Agency’s talents regularly feature in New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week, and many other fashion platforms. Brown Modelling Agency conducts different parties and collaboration platforms for international brands to understand its array of talents – a significant exposure for all of its talents.

George Soros Makes Whopping Unheard Of Charitable Donation

George Soros has transferred billions of dollars to the Open Society Foundations. This is one of the largest donations ever made by a private citizen to charity.The Open Society Foundations have now become the second largest charitable network in the United States, behind the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. George has been donating hundreds of millions of dollars each year to his foundation, usually eight or nine hundred million dollars a year. However, as part of his current estate planning, he has decided to do more. He has transferred the whopping sum of eighteen billion dollars to his foundation, which has stunned the world. George Soros is still expected to donate another two billion dollars to his foundation in the next few years.

The Open Society Foundations operate in one hundred and twenty countries around the world. They were founded around thirty years ago by George Soros himself. They have done a lot to fight hate all over the country. They fight abuses of power by police and officials in the government. They fight corruption. They have been a leading voice against discrimination against gays, lesbians, transgenders, and minorities all over the country and all over the world. They have helped fund medical research. He has helped Ebola victims during the last outbreak. He has funded various research centers. He has helped students get an education when they could not afford it by themselves.

After the last election, George Soros got very worried about the state of the country. He saw that hate crimes were rising, and he wanted to to do something about it. He donated ten million dollars with the specific purpose of combating hate crimes.Many people have praised George Soros for his great work and his great contributions. However, George Soros is donating so much money to fight for freedom because he knows first hand what it feels like to live under oppression. He comes from Hungary, and he lived there under the Nazi rule. It was not easy for him or his family, but they managed to be undetected by forging documents and false papers to hide the fact that they were Jewish. He left for London to study at the London School of Economics.

Mr. Soros took the name for his foundation from a book by a philosopher by the name of Karl Popper, who wrote a book entitled Open Society and Its Enemies. This book was all about how an open and free society is the right way to do things, and how a closed and fascist society is wrong. Mr. Soros started funding various charitable causes as his wealth grew and as he became successful on Wall Street.Mr. Soros has been fighting for democracy and open governments for a long time now. He has donated a lot of money to politicians who would promote democracy and freedom and fight against racism and discrimination. Mr. Soros cares deeply about the plight of those who are suffering from various forms of oppression and does what he can to help.

The Amazing Career of Nathaniel Ru

Sweetgreen has become a high profile restaurant owing to its healthy, fresh, local and organic foods that attract large numbers of customers. The salad chain would not be what it is without the investments made into it by the likes of Daniel Boulud, Steve Case and Danny Meyer who have helped set up restaurants in 40 different locations.

The co-CEOs, Jonathan Neman, Nicolas Jammet and Nathaniel Ru, have also played an instrumental role in the growth of the brand. The trio met at Georgetown University where they were classmates and have since been tech buddies. Read more: Sweetgreen Founder Interview – Nathaniel Ru | Business Insider

When the Sweetgreen Restaurant was being opened, the co-CEOS had in mind their goal, which was to feed more people with better food. This has kept them going towards creating a brand that stands for something. Interestingly, the company does not have a headquarters. This is because the CEOs are bicoastal and have wanted to grow their company throughout the country.

Additionally, they wanted to decentralize their headcount. While the three were still in school studying entrepreneurship, they identified the lack of healthy eating options as a challenge and took it up right after they graduated from school in 2007. That is how the brand began.

Nathaniel Ru, one of the men behind the magic at Sweetgreen Restaurant, was a student at Georgetown University who graduated in 2007. Besides Sweetgreen restaurant, Nathaniel also has several businesses and investment firms.

It is through his businesses that he has caught the public eye especially because of his smart business approach. While creating Sweetgreen, Nathaniel went beyond areas that were oversaturated by fast food joints.

He and his partners worked on a design that would make their customers feel welcomed. They even give an open view of the kitchen so that the customers can see how the food is being prepared. This reassures the clients about the safety of the food.

To find more about Nathaniel Ru, recently asked the man a few questions. During the interview, Nathaniel revealed had if he had the chance, he would advise his younger self to read more books to help him achieve more in life.

When asked about the hardest thing in business, he said building a team can be a difficult task especially because you need to find people you are comfortable working with. In the corporate world, Nathaniel pointed out Kevin Plank of Under Armour as someone he could look up to for what he has achieved at the company.

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Lifeline Screening: Are You Prepared?

     Studies show that Americans have to start taking better care of themselves. All across the nation, the population is suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity among other diseases. These chronic diseases have a tremendous effect on your health but Lifeline Screening is a place of solutions.

Who is Lifeline Screening?

They launched in 1993 in Texas and are currently headquartered out of Independence, Ohio. Their focus is in screening to provide insight for preventative care and overall wellness. Their screening process is a powerful and thorough one that includes a blood test, ultrasounds, EKG’s and more.

Detecting early health issues often can be the difference between treatment and death. Lifeline Screening is equipped with a highly trained staff and only uses board-certified physicians that love what they do. Since 1993 Lifeline Screening has provided services to more than seven and a half million clients.

Why Get A Screening?

Our ills are not always detected by the human eye. Sometimes it takes the wisdom of the physician’s eye to see what lies beneath the surface and get to the heart of the matter. Only you can save yourself so take your wellness into your own hands and schedule a screening.

What Does a Lifeline Screening Entail?

Make sure you have your identification and any prior health-related documents and medical records that you feel are pertinent.

Once at their center go to the welcome desk and check-in. Make sure to fill out all required forms that are applicable to your services and payment.

Wear clothes that are comfortable, easily accessible, and loose. Turn your cell phone off and it’s best if you wear no jewelry or tight clothes or dangling accessories.

You’ll wait in the waiting area until your test is ready to begin. At that time you’ll be taken to a private screening area. There you will undergo a thorough screening that consists of:

* Blood Test

* Vital Signs Analysis

* Height

* Weight

* Age, etc.

* Bone Density Screen

* Peripheral Arterial Screen

* EKG Screen

*Carotid Artery Screen

*Aortic Aneurysm Screen

With Lifeline Screening you have an ally in your fight for living the best quality of life possible.

For more, please read How Lifeline Screening Can Provide a Glimpse into Your Heart Health.